Sunday, May 16, 2010

Comparison of Jalie Low Rise Panties

Comparison of Jalie Low Rise Panties (2564 and 2568)

From the patterns:
2564: View C Bikini (low rise) or brief (high rise) finished with visible fold-over elastic, stretch lace trim or fold-under (1 cm) knit elastic.
2568: View B bikini with lace-trimmed waistband and picot elastic at leg openings. Panties are offered with a choice of high or low waistline.

Here is a photo that shows the two patterns and how they are different:

So obviously, 2564 has a high waist and skinny coverage on the backside and 2568 has a lower waist and more coverage on the backside.

As well, the panties are constructed differently. 2564 has a separate crotch piece so that when it is attached the seams are enclosed. 2568 has the crotch piece and the front as one and so when it is sewn the back crotch seam is enclosed but the front of the crotch lining piece is not sewn down except at the sides.

Here are views of the panties made up (2564 can be made using FOE or Fold-under elastic as there are different pattern pieces designed for each type. 2568 is designed for fold-under elastic. I used fold-under elastic on both, except at the waist were I used FOE.):

Conclusion after trying them on: I like the higher rise of 2564 but the coverage is too skimpy on the backside. 2568 seem low but the backside coverage is much better. I think if I were to make bikini panties again I would use 2568 but just make the waist higher.

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Amy said...

Nice job on the panties. Sewing undergarments is something I am going to try in the future.